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    Because of its extremely high price tag, marble is generally not seen in whole kitchens. Homeowners are using it as a touch of luxury, installing it on an island or as an inset in a baking center. Marble’s porous surface requires constant maintenance to prevent staining. It’s waterproof, heatproof and beautiful.

    Sun Marble Granite Surfaces

    Sun Marble Surfaces

    Marble is a beautiful stone that has been used for hundreds of years by nearly every culture that has had access to it, the Greeks and the Romans loved this stuff!

    Sun Marble LLC is a direct importer and distributor of all types of natural stone from around the globe. We are able to obtain large quantities of marble, granite, limestone, travertine, slate, soapstone, onyx, tumbled marble, and other types of custom natural stone at very competitive prices. Our inventory is growing in size and diversity everyday and the prices are extremely competitive. We are continually importing both new and classic styles of natural stones. We want to provide the greatest selection for our customers.

    Bedrock International Marble Surfaces

    Bedrock International Marble Surfaces

    Marble from Vermont Quarries – This is gorgeous stone that is much harder and less absorbent than other marbles. Perfect for kitchen countertops, the honed finish is easy to clean, stain resistant and elegant to behold.

    Atlas Stone Distribution Marble Surfaces

    Atlas Stone Marble Surfaces

    Since Marble is relatively easy to work, and also because of its wide variety of different colors, (red, white, pink ect.) it has found many implementations in the building industry: countertops, floors, staircases, fireplaces, etc. Atlas Stone Distribution is a leading importer and distributor of natural stone slabs and tiles. They excel in providing the highest quality and largest selection of natural stone products and colors from Brazil, India, Italy, Spain, Turkey, Portugal, China, Norway, USA.

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