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    Traditionally used in historic homes, soapstone has recently been embraced by modern homeowners. While it doesn’t offer the color choices of other countertop options, soapstone exudes a warmth and character just right for some homes. It’s stain resistant and durable. Maintenance consists of applying mineral oil & occasional buffing or polishing to remove light scratches. Costs are similar to marble or granite.

    Green Mountain Soapstone Surfaces

    Green Mountain Soapstone Surfaces

    Soapstone (steatite) is a naturally occurring metamorphic rock made up of mineral deposits created by nature and quarried from the earth. When cut, it oxidizes from light grey to dark charcoal in color. Practically indestructible, Green Mountain Soapstone is an excellent alternative natural stone to use in place of granite or marble. Soapstone is naturally antibacterial, will not burn or stain and requires very little maintenance. Acids and alkalis will not etch soapstone as they will other stones.

    Green Mountain Soapstone is a third-generation family owned business, located in the picturesque Green Mountains of Castleton, Vermont. Unsurpassed in quality, we are the largest soapstone supplier to the USA and Canada. We pride ourselves in always being on the leading edge of the soapstone business with innovative products, outstanding customer service and stone availability.

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